Cellulose acetate

It is a hypoallergenic material with a high gloss. We use boards of different densities, which allows us to offer both delicate, thin and durable frames. Thanks to a wide range of colors, every season we create tasteful fixtures in line with current trends.

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Eco acetate

It is a material that retains all the properties of standard cellulose acetate, and in addition, it is ecological. The material is made from biodegradable materials and contains fewer substances that negatively affect the environment, so we can create colorfully interesting fixtures while remaining in harmony with nature.

Stainless steel

Perfect for everyday use, it is resistant to corrosion, and luminaires made of it can be enjoyed for many years. Stainless steel fixtures are a fashion hit, including classic elegance or a more modern version – intriguing shapes with colorful painting.



Carbon, or carbon fiber, is a very unique material. It is extremely durable and light. It has a very modern, prestigious look. Often used in a frame in conjunction with rubber to create modern, sporty temples.


Ultemu is a very durable material which allows the production of thin and resilient frames. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that it is a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material. Ultem has mechanical and thermal properties that are ideal for use in many demanding industries, from cosmonautics to medicine and electrics.



The main feature of this material is lightness. It is worth adding that the fittings made of it are durable and flexible. We use this material in many color versions. A great solution for children’s, men’s and women’s sports style.


All lenses in sunglasses and overlays in prescription frames have a protective filter and polarization. Polarized lenses eliminate the reflected light, thanks to which the image is clearer and we avoid general discomfort on sunny days.

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