Collection of MOCOA. frames is a product targeted at women, men and children. It includes stylish and timeless pieces. The variety of designs and materials used to make our frames will satisfy every customer.

Durable and timeless!

From very classic to original solutions. Cellulose acetate frames are a large part of our collection. They are durable, designed with attention to every detail and always in trend. Metal ornaments or temples add a unique touch. 

Elegant and trendy!

The assortment of this brand includes stainless steel frames. Each is distinguished by colorful painting or stylish additions in the form of inserts as well as cellulose acetate stickers. We provide the abundance of shapes – from fashionable, geometric to elegant pieces.

In addition, we have frames made of very light TR90 material, which is durable and flexible. It gives the male frames a sporty character but is also highly recommended for children. Using innovative technologies, we combine various textures, add decorative elements to make our frames very attractive. We undoubtedly focus on quality, ensuring that the purchase of our product is an investment for years.

Unique and modern!

MOCOA. it is also:

It is characterized by original shapes and combining various materials. Metal inserts add elegance and modernity. The lenses and clip on are polarized for improved visual comfort and a filter that protects against UV radiation.